Biggs Joins Alliant Insurance Services

Biggs Insurance Services is now part of Alliant Insurance Services, a national leader in insurance and employee benefits consulting. This partnership allows us to further broaden our reach and offer an all-inclusive approach to planning with best-in-class consulting services and innovative insurance products. Alliant’s vast array of resources and longstanding excellence in the market allows us to provide an even higher level of service, strength, and sophistication to our diverse client base.

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Trouble focusing? Try these tips to build attention span

More people than ever are experiencing issues focusing and struggling with shortened attention spans. This article from our partners at Kaiser sheds light on why, and lists four tips from a psychiatrist on how to improve your focus. If you’ve been struggling to focus,...

Seatbelt use down, crash fatalities up

The last few years have seen an increase of traffic fatalities involving unbelted riders. Our friends at PEMCO shared some troubling statistics, including data showing that the PNW may be especially guilty of failing to buckle up. Remember - seatbelts save lives! We...

Tips to help control insurance costs

We get it - it's frustrating when your rates go up with no apparent explanation. (It happens to us, too!) While some of it is tied to inflation and thus out of your hands, this great article from our partners at Cincinnati explains how you can exert some control over...

What is a trust?

It's pretty simple to grasp the basic definition of a trust, but there's a lot of nuances that can be harder to parse. This piece from our friends at The Hartford breaks it down - how trusts work and how they differ from wills; common reasons why people create a...

Independence Day 2022: fireworks policies in & around Vancouver

In 2021, on the tails of a record-breakingly hot June (remember how it was hotter than the Mojave Desert in Portland for a second there?!), a fireworks ban was instated across Multnomah and Clark counties. Those bans have since been lifted; however don't think just...

How can I make my refrigerator last longer?

Want to extend the life of your refrigerator? Follow the below pointers from our friends at Pemco, including one surprising tip about where not to store dairy items. (And yes, some of these are focused on deep-cleaning your fridge... be sure to have some ice cream set...

Landlord-friendly states

If you've ever considered buying an investment property, you aren't alone - statistics show that as many as 10.6 million Americans earn rental income - but some states are more attractive than others for prospective landlords. Our partners at Foremost compiled this...

The healthiest oils for home cooking

When it comes to selecting the best cooking oil for a given dish, there's so much to consider - what temp will it be heated to? Or is it going into a salad dressing? And health-wise, which ones check the right boxes - refined vs. unrefined; saturated vs. unsaturated?...

Staff Spotlight: Julianne Rindt

Every month we like to introduce one of our staff members so you can get to know them better. This month we spoke to Julianne, an Account Manager in Personal Lines - she told us about her passion for exercise, the hand-embroidered gifts she makes for friends &...

Insurance can protect your pandemic renovations

Did you undertake any renovation projects while COVID kept you at home? Make sure you've alerted your agent, and consider reading this short article from our friends at Cincinnati detailing what to expect from remodeling an existing space vs. adding a space. If you...