Staff Spotlight: Karen Holmstrom

Every month we like to introduce one of our staff members so you can get to know them better. This month, our Accounting Assistant Karen told us about balancing hot yoga and Netflix binges, why she loves the summertime, and taking part in the Club Crew World Championships with her dragon boat team.

Article image - Staff Spotlight: Karen Holmstrom

You won the lottery! What’s your first purchase?

Two family vacations! One to a tropical beach location and another to the east coast to see family, including my grandfather who will be 96 in May. I would also make a donation to a local social services organization.

Share one thing you love to do that you always strive to include in your daily routine.

Honestly I love checking social media! I like seeing all the adorable photos of babies and animals. I like trying to make people laugh or getting creative editing a photo to post. There are downsides but I try to use it for good!

What are some of your favorite hobbies or activities?

In my free time I try to exercise by doing hot yoga or a group fitness class; or the complete opposite of that – watching Netflix in bed. My favorite things to watch are documentaries and comedies. Most recently I enjoyed The Pharmacist and Schitt’s Creek. I also belong to a book club that sometimes meets at a local brewery.

Tell us about one of your most memorable experiences.

Racing with my dragon boat team in Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong, in the Club Crew World Championships. The views are unforgettable.

What is your favorite Biggs story?

My favorite Biggs story isn’t a story – it’s the people! I work with caring, fun, and creative people – have you been in the office during Halloween or seen our gingerbread house?! I really appreciate the people here both professionally and personally.

Is your favorite season spring, summer, winter, or fall – and why?

Summer is the best! I’m not a morning person but I love waking up on a summer morning to bright, warm light. Summer also means shedding heavy layers, dining al fresco, ice cream and lazily floating around in water.

What does success look like to you?

I feel successful when my children are confident, kind and happy.

What was your first job?

During summer breaks off of school (before I got my first real job – piercing ears at a kiosk in a mall), I tagged along to work with my mom a few times. I didn’t do much “work,” but I learned a lot from watching her, she has an amazing work ethic.

You can find Karen’s contact information on our Team page!