Staff Spotlight: Zoe Hovland

Every month we like to introduce one of our staff members so you can get to know them better. This month – since we recently observed Admin Professionals Day – our Exec. Assistant Zoe told us about making the daily rounds with her houseplants, winning gold in Biggs’ 2016 ‘Office Olympics,’ and studying abroad in London.

Article image - Staff Spotlight: Zoe Hovland

You won the lottery! What’s your first purchase?

Once I’d done away with the boring responsible stuff, my first ‘funsies’ purchase would probably be some extravagantly-priced couture garment (the Lirika Matoshi collection comes to mind). That and a Disney cruise.

Share one thing you love to do that you always strive to include in your daily routine.

I really enjoy my daily overview of the houseplants – checking their soil, watering if needed, just appreciating each one’s unique beauty. I started acquiring a lot of them at the start of COVID, and ended up infecting my roommates with the plant-lovin’ bug too – now our house boasts a pretty impressive collection! (Plus they make a great Zoom background, haha.)

What are some of your favorite hobbies or activities?

I teach piano – to just one student at the moment, but we’ve been having lessons together since she was seven, and now she’s in middle school (wild!). It’s a side-hustle that’s very close to my heart as a lifelong musician. I also compose music; that’s actually what I went to college for. You can hear my work on some of the videos Biggs has produced!

Tell us about one of your most memorable experiences.

Studying abroad in London for a semester (during undergrad) was a really formative experience. Having a whole ocean between me and home for several months was totally new to me, and it gave me a chance to figure out how to be my own person. England was amazing but I traveled a lot to neighboring countries, too – I had an exceptionally wonderful spring break in Inverness, Scotland.

What is your favorite Biggs story?

Oof, that’s hard! I think it’s got to be the ‘Office Olympics’ we held in summer 2016 – competitions included nerf target shooting, a quadathalon, and pool noodle javelin-throwing. I won none of those because I don’t have a sporty bone in my body, BUT I crushed the speed typing competition!

99 words per minute, yo.

What was your first job?

Janitorial at the Clark County Fair. It wasn’t the greatest. Trash I can deal with, but the supervisors for all us teenagers were strict and mean. We were meant to always have a buddy making the rounds with us, and my sister was on the same shift as me – of course we wanted to be buddies, but the supervisors claimed if we were paired up we’d just slack off the whole time. Like, if you’re gonna make us clean fair bathrooms, at least let us do it with someone we have a rapport with! Yeesh.

Is your favorite season spring, summer, winter, or fall – and why?

Completely and utterly FALL. By the time October comes around, I’m sick to death of the sun and the heat, and the return of the rain is the most refreshing thing ever.

What does success look like to you?

Being content with yourself and striving to make others happy.