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How is technology impacting your business and employee benefits?

Traditionally, benefits programs have primarily focused on offering health insurance. However, over the past few years, health care reform has shaken the market and consumers are more aware than ever before. As health care costs continue to rise and more regulatory requirements are placed on employers, the need to communicate and engage with employees and leverage technology to streamline administrative tasks has increased.


That’s where we can help. Biggs Insurance Services gives you the expert guidance that makes the benefits design, implementation and analysis process smoother, plus we’re technology-backed and can offer you tools to make the benefits process more efficient and engaging. Here are some topics to keep in mind while evaluating how your business stacks up on tech-driven benefits:

  1. mHealth – 50% of employees use online websites to access health information; it’s time to bring them their information in a simple way.
  2. Simple online interface for enrollment – still using paper forms to collect employee enrollment information? Make it a better experience for all with benefits administration programs like EaseCentral.
  3. Identifying care gaps – many times employees are living with a ticking time bomb associated with different health risks. By addressing the care gaps tied to the health risks, employers are beating the trend; increasing presenteeism, lowering absenteeism and taking care of their biggest asset (employees).
  4. Creating a personalized “experience” in the workplace – worksite challenges are a great way to engage employees. Join us to see which ones work for your company and how to implement them.

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