Every month we like to introduce one of our staff members so you can get to know them better. This month we spoke to Amy, an Associate Account Manager in the Commercial Dept. – she told us about her touching lottery dream of opening a trail-camping retreat for Veterans, a proud graduation day memory, and her love of spring.

You won the lottery! What’s your first purchase?

  • My first purchase would be a large house on acreage, allowing me to build a retreat/bed and breakfast for Veterans. This retreat would provide the opportunity for Vets to spend a few days on a trail-camping excursion; ultimately leading into a special bond between horse and Vet. Creating this retreat would allow me to combine so many of my passions of helping others, the natural healing through equine therapy, and hosting events.

Share one thing you love to do that you always strive to include in your daily routine.

I love to dance and try to incorporate dancing throughout my day. There’s no other joy quite like grabbing my daughter, cranking the music, and dancing off the stress of the day. A bonus is being able to totally embarrass my 13-year-old daughter with my crazy moves.

What are some of your favorite hobbies or activities?

I am a true outdoor girl and am out camping or on the water in my kayak every chance I get! Trillium Lake or Swift Reservoir are my favorite spots to do either. My 2021 goal is to perfect the practice of yoga while on my paddle board in the middle of the lake; this just sounds so rejuvenating.

Tell us about one of your most memorable experiences.

Graduation day from PSU. Before the ceremony began, my cohort hung out backstage celebrating, sharing our experiences, singing and dancing to “Fancy” by Iggy (along with other songs), and just realizing what we had all just accomplished. After the ceremony, I spent time with family and friends and to this day, my favorite picture is of my then-5-year-old daughter and me immediately embracing after the ceremony. She came running to me, giving me flowers and a big hug. There’s nothing more powerful than being able to teach my baby girl that anything is possible if you’re willing to work hard and stick with it.

What is your favorite Biggs story?

Since starting at Biggs during Covid, being able to get to know the team has been challenging. Our virtual Christmas party was a blast and a great opportunity for me to meet the team. I especially enjoyed how the event was filled with friendly banter and fun ‘get to know you’ games. From that moment on, I’ve know we have an awesome team full of incredibly smart and kind people.

Is your favorite season spring, summer, winter, or fall – and why?

Spring is my favorite season; I love the cozy, rainy days and the smell of fresh rain that ultimately leads to sunshine and beauty.

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